Wednesday, September 14, 2005

That's right

for speaking the truth. The unspeakable inaction committed by our federal government after Hurricane Katrina serves only to underline the institutionalized racism and classism that perpetuates the systems of power in this country. People keep saying we need to stop playing the blame game. Well you know what, fuckers? I'm not ready to stop playing. I'm going to keep playing. And I'm not going to stop until people start paying some fucking attention to the injustice that has occurred. The blood of American citizens is on the hands of the Bush administration and every single person who profits from this administration's policies. Until the rest of us do something, this will only be the beginning. Don't let people push this under the rug. Talk about race, talk about class, because the reason that people died was because George W. Bush and the people that work for him have allowed American citizens to parish because they didn't think that they were important enough.


Since George is sending all of our tax money to Iraq, please consider donating to one of these organizations.